In the summer of 2011 the collective informal strategies was born. Under this name we, Doris Denekamp and Geert van Mil - both visual artists - team up in order to actively learn about and react upon our contemporary environment with its progressive neoliberal ideas and devouring capitalism. Through studying how we have become what we are, we can begin to imagine something else.

In our effort to subvert the all encompassing logic of capital we are looking for tools. Through self-education following alternating curricula, proceeding not unlike the knight of a chess game, we open up alternative histories and unlikely futures.

By venturing into the realm of poetics, we move away from populist logic and corporate operation. Seeping, lingering and enacting are some of the strategies we apply.

Informal strategies provides us with a flexible structure to which we can invite thinkers, scientists, designers and other artists to work collaboratively on projects in alternating geographical, economical and sociological locations.