Tower Upside Down
an informal strategies project

Tower Upside Down is a video installation that takes the dramatic dismantling of much of the state support for art in the Netherlands as a starting point. This dismantling of support for art is symptomatic of the general withdrawal of the nation state and is not so much a result of economic necessity as of a changing political agenda. Within the modern society art functioned, along with architecture, education, health and design, as a tool in the producing modern subjects and in turn, the public of the Welfare State.

A dying man on the street - alone at night - provides the dramatic situation that raises questions about civil responsibility and public space, the changing society and the role of art in the past century.

Tower Upside Down is a collaboration with Matthijs van Wageningen and was created with the support of the Mondriaan Fund and IASPIS.

The film was part of the exhibition Scenographies, curated by Clare Butcher in SMBA.

Compilation of Tower Upside Down | 6 min.
installation view SMBA
film still of double screen
installation view SMBA