If Bees are Few...
a collaboration with Jimini Hignett

At the end of a country road, on the bank of a small river, a row of beehives stand in the midst of what will grow into a flower field. Two of the beehives are buzzing with life - bees flying in and out, while the other five stay silent. These hives are cast in concrete - in their petrified state they form a monument for bees and for the ancient relationship between man and bee.

If Bees are Few..., is part of the long term exhibition The Non-Urban Garden - gardens of the 21st century by Kunstvereniging Diepenheim. Upon the request to design a non-urban garden, Doris Denekamp and Jimini Hignett took the alarming decline of honey bees as their starting point. They see the bee as a prerequisite for any garden. Next to the work in public space, the project also resulted in a publication.

Location: end of 1e Broekweg in Diepenheim
Commissioned by: Kunstvereniging Diepenheim
Curators: Peter Sonderen and Joop Hoogeveen

If Bees are Few... is realized with the support of beekeepers Jan Rabe and Juul Lulofs, Landgoed Weldam, Gemeente Hof van Twente, Waterschap Vechtstromen, FabLab Amsterdam, Noblabla - siliconenmallen, Macolina Terrazo en Beton, Imkerij BijDaan and zadenhandel BioRon.

sketch bee garden